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Memphis, Tennessee

About Me

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You know, when I look at your business, I look at it through the eyes of your target market. What would your target market, your customers, expect to see in a product or service?

My writing services are here for you. They’re here to lend a hand when you need it. Allow me to help you 1) sell more of your products and services and 2) make you more money.

I'm one to take the healthcare field seriously. Just from my own life experiences, you will gain the very best in content and copy for your business. 

Anxiety and panic attacks have been a part of my life for a long time. Loved ones who are near and dear to me suffer with some of these very same issues.

My lovely wife had end renal failure / kidney disease. For years, she was forced to undergo dialysis treatments three times a week. Throughout the whole process, she made sure to eat properly, staying away from foods that would drastically increase her phosphorous levels. 

Through the grace of God, my wife eventually received a kidney and for the past four years has been doing well. We even saw the birth of our daughter, Chloe, this past year which was a little miracle.

Many people in today's society face health-related daily struggles. Businesses who help out the individuals who have these problems, need someone with an understanding and the ability to speak the language.  

With my knowledge and experience, I can make sure your customers will be informed and educated.

I can promise you that with the stroke of a pen… okay, a few clicks and clatters of a keyboard, I can solve your problems with a little word trickery and persuasion.

I'll write copy for you which will persuade others to TAKE ACTION and buy your products and services. I'll write content which will make the reader want to know more and then buy the product or service.

I love helping businesses make more money. I want you to grow your business to new heights through the words I write. When your business succeeds, I feel like I’ve accomplished what I set out to do.


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